Giving Back, One Slice a Day

Our very own Kyle Feeney has spent the past year working, or rather eating, for a tremendous cause. For the entire year of 2015, Kyle ate a slice a pizza every day to promote and raise donations for Autism Speaks. He took to Instagram as a way to bring attention to his cause, posting almost every day new photos and videos to his “pizzagram”. While entertaining, the main purpose was to promote his fundraising page on GoFundMe. In a year’s time, Kyle had met his goal and raised over $10,000. The reward? Well there’s the obvious pride of such feats as raising a large amount of money towards autism research and eating copious amounts of pizza. However, there was one more: for reaching his goal of $10,000 he promised to “…get a tattoo of a pizza slice while … you guessed it, eating a pizza slice”.

Due to his success, Kyle and his fundraising campaign have been the subject of many online magazine articles, including Business Insider. See the full article here:

If you would like to donate to Autism Speaks, here is a link to Kyle’s GoFundMe page:

From all of us at Stratford, congratulations Kyle on your successful fundraising!